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NOW ERP System

NOW (Network Oriented World) software composed of innovative functions and modules developed to help textile and fashion companies, regardless of their size.

NOW ERP is characterized by great flexibility, able to adapt to every aspect of the business processes.


More about NOW System 


NOW is owned and developed by Datatex, An IT Company established in 1987. Datatex focuses on the Garment, Textile and IT industries. Currently Datatex already has customers in 45 countries and 5 continents which will continue to grow.

NOW software provides a solution that recognizes and works with unique features that can provide effective management tools for the textile and apparel industry.



NOW ERP is a custom platform with functionality that has been developed and developed as a result of feedback from people in the industry who use the software to run their business. Every critical step in the textile and apparel supply chain is fully covered in Datatex solutions.

Latest Technology

We take care that the solutions remain in step with the latest technology developments. Our current software uses advanced Web standards like Jakarta EE (Java EE), web services and XML to let users take advantages of the latest advances in supply-chain integration and IT technology making them true Industry 4.0.


The costs of development are shared across the Datatex user base. This means that the total cost of ownership of a Datatex solution in the medium to long term is well below that of a bespoke system or a customized general ERP package.

VS Bespoke System

As your business grows or conditions change, over time the cost of maintaining and upgrading the system can get seriously out of hand. In addition, our product development skills ensure that each new release is optimized and integrated in a way that no recycled solution can be – even if it claims to be a complete software ‘package’.

VS Standard ERP

The other alternative is to use a standard ERP application, either customizing it for the textile and apparel sector or using the add-ons that are available. Both approaches have their problems. The textile and apparel industry has a number of unique features that set it apart from other manufacturing sectors. Customizing a general ERP solution for textile use is therefore an extremely demanding and difficult task. Often the people doing the customization don’t have specific expertise for the textile sector limiting its usability. Using add-ons can provide solutions with a better fit to the needs of your business. The problems arises when the upgrade of the basic ERP package is due- the add-ons must be rewritten too. You are basically having to manage two software packages – with the same kind of inflated maintenance costs we mentioned earlier.



NOW ERP is software developed and owned by Datatex. Currently PT. Surya Data Infokreasi has a partnership with Datatex so that it has legal permission to market its services and products in Indonesia.

NOW ERP can help your company and factory in managing. Some of the advantages that your company will get by using NOW ERP are:

  • NOW ERP is able to adapt according to the cases and problems that your company is facing.

  • NOW ERP is able to accurately predict the costs incurred by your company

  • NOW ERP has flexible modules for every company no matter how big the company is

  • NOW ERP provides very detailed information

  • NOW ERP always gets updates to improve its quality

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