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We have Developed AMOR to be more Flexible and Simple


What is XMOR?

In today's business world, the speed and precision of IT systems empowers companies to tackle ever-increasing challenges. Information systems not only organize and manage business processes by increasing efficiency, but also play an important role in providing information, which will later be used as a source of accurate data in making strategic business decisions. However, companies will face challenges in managing this information due to the large amount of data entered.

Introducing XMOR, a web-based IT solution that will meet your needs and measure your business growth. XMOR service is a practical solution because it can run on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS based devices.

Background XMOR


From & For Practitioners

XMOR as a web-based ERP solution, a continuation of the development of desktop-based AMOR, from more than a decade of experience as a practitioner in the garment and apparel retail sector in Indonesia.


Easier to access, from anywhere and anytime (as long as there is an internet connection), and can be accessed using any device that supports modern browsers (Example: PC, laptop, tablet, ipad, tabs, smartphone, etc.)

A proper design

XMOR is an ERP solution that has a specific design, will be very complex and very expensive to customize without having special experience and expertise in the garment industry and apparel retail in Indonesia.




The Purchasing Menu serves to record every purchase transaction
goods or services in the form of invoices, shipments, and orders.
Make smart buying decisions with access to the interface
centralized, putting the information you need at your fingertips,
and which provides color coded notifications for issues and

You will also be able to manage purchases of stock and non-stock products
with advanced order control, inventory management, and features
other flexible.


XMOR helps your company in improving the performance of Purchasing, Production, Availability, Distribution and Sales Systems. This system was developed based on customer needs and the development of previous systems. The keys to the success of XMOR are:

  • XMOR does not require a software installation process on the client computer, installation is sufficient on the server.

  • Maintenance is centralized, so any changes to the program code are carried out on the server computer.

  • XMOR can be run on any operating system, no matter whether using Linux, Windows or OSX, as long as it has a browser and Internet access.

Minimum Requirement

Operation Systems
Microsoft Windows 7 Sp1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64 bit)
Core i5 3.0 GHz (3 rd gen) or better
4 GB
Hard Disk Space 
20 GB free disk space
Aplikasi Lain 
Microsoft Windows .Net Framework 4.61, Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or better

Service Offering

  • Requirement Study

  • Consulting

  • System Design

  • Implementation

  • Training

  • Maintenance and Quick Support by Online Chat and Remote

  • Email Support and Ticket

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